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Hi,Just joined the forum name is Andy I own a 2013 Antara 2.2 Exclusive in Smoke Grey, bought new in August. Always liked the look of them, think they look classier than the Kuga, Tiguan etc. so decided to take the plunge. It meets all of my needs and despite the reviews being very negative against them I amreally happy and glad that I did, I don't think it's as bad as people make out on fuel either, but there again I have had Discoveries and a Freelander in the past as Itow a caravan, which the Antara tows well.
It has however developed a fault with the clutch at present which I am not happy about, hopefully just a blip, but that's how I came across the site. Look forward to joining in with some of you in the discussions, all best, Andy
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Hi Andy,
Welcome to the forum.

There is a thread in the Faults & Fixes section of the forum which also relates to a clutch problem. May be worth a look to see it it's the same problem.
Hi Andy and welcome to the forum
Hi Andy and welcome . what a wonderful first name.

from Andy
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my name is Attila from far-far away Hungary. I've just recently bought a new Opel Antara 2.2 4x4 Cosmo and beeing very happy to find this forum.
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