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Hi everyone,I have had an Antara for 5 weeks now after trading in my ford galaxy which we had for 6 years. Wanted something different which still had the height and easy to get in and out off, we were looking at the ford kuga and after looking at several different colors and models we came across the antara. its was parked next to the kuga and looked more modern plus its white which was the colour we were after. the only thing I have to complain about is the economy which only manages around 35 mpg. other than that great car and fun to drive, but would love to take it off road and really drive it.
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Welcome to the forum Dazzle.
Your mpg of 35 is not a bad average for the Antara. only get 31 from my SE Nav 184 Auto.

Just be careful if you take the car off road. The Antara will not do well on really rough ground. Ground clearance is pretty poor, especially at the front. It's definitely not a proper off-roader.
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