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i have had my antara for 4 weeks now and i love it i have been looking at this forum for a cpl of weeks before i got mine. i think the flue economy is ok for a big old bus if i wanted flue economy i would of got a shoe box and as for the regen i find it no biggie i have lead feet at the best of times lol i am one of 3 antara owners in corby
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Hi Scott, and welcome to the forum.If you take your Antarafor what it is, a big old bus to use your wordsI am sure you will find the forum entertaining.
i have always been a vauxhall man even tho they get slated by the motor press but i have nevr had any problems with any of them i had 1 Renault and it was nothing but a money pit so went back to what i trust just waiting to get a tow bar fitted
Plenty of info regarding towbar fitting and spare wheels.Do you tow a caravan?
i will do when i get a tow bar fitted lol i was just going to book it in to my local vauxhall garage
Be aware, they are expensive and the vx wiring loom does not include the feed for the fridge/battery charging. My garage, who are very good, had to send it to a specialist towbar fitters to complete the wiring.Checkout, if you have not already done so, the spare wheel situation as towing with a goo inflated tyre is not recomended.
Good luck.
thanks i will check up on that :)
Welcome Scott , to the forum and I am happy you are under no illusions in regards to you Antara (your old bus lol) I like that.
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