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Hi All,
Just had delivery of a new (last Wednesday) Antara Exclusiv TDI
Love the car, looks and drives great, however very disappointed with the lack of fuel usage info, in there is none.
I am told that Vauxhall actually disable functions and these are already on the car.
Am also concerned that the MPG claimed seems to be a fairy tale although I filled up after collection £81.
I also believe that the disabled functions can be reversed with a software update.
The other problem is that my IPhone 5 is apparently not compatible with the USB connection, well it doesn't work anyway and my old Ipos does.
Ant info re the fuel usage and IPhone would be appreciated?
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Welcome to the club Dave8509, they tell you they can't enable the functions but it can be done. As for fuel consumption mine is supposed to do 25 mpg urban, I am getting almost 30 mpg. They said it would do 27 mpg when I got it but that was revised a few months later.Overall I'm quite happy with the fuelconsumption. As for the phone sorry cant help.
Welcome Dave 8509. I have a SENAV 184 auto I get from 15 to 22miles per gallon short journeys and up to 36 miles gallon motorway journeys depending on distance
Hi Dave
We have184 bhp manual and wife get 30 mpg. Going to work and back 2 miles each way and I get 40 mpg doing a 10 miles each way trip to my daughter . Get 25 with caravan on back. Will be going to France soon without van so will see what it does.
As for the phone I have iPhone 5 and it works on bluetooth phone and music and will try the USB tomorrow . Still running 6. Something
Don't check the mpg till you have done 5000 miles as it will be low until run in
Can't help with the trip clock as we have se nav. Sat nav is rubbish so use tom tom
Good luck with the new car we think are car is great for what we use it for but a bit thirsty for school runs.
My school run days have just finished she has just passed her higher's 2 A's and 2 B's very proud, when I did do the school run ( made redundant) it was 8 miles each way being automatic it was thirsty but can't complain safe big car Edited by: wilma08
My iPhone 5 does not connect using USB . It will charge but it works with full control with bluetooth.
iPhone 4S will connect but not full control with USB but ok with bluetooth.
My new ford does the opposite full with USB and only play and next track with bluetooth with no info on screen. But it does read the text message
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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