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Hi All,
Just purchased A 2015 2wd 2.2 CDTI Antara, as a replacement for the wife's Santa-Fe. I must admit i was a little confused about the levels of trim (thought Exclusive was a higher spec - much to my dismay i'm finding that its not)
Had an issue with the TPMS not registering - but some info from the forum and problem sorted. Just got to get the media player part to see the MP3's on the 16gb thumb drive (fat32) - as it seems it cant see any - powers up fine but just goes back to aux once its tried to read the files (possible dodgey USB slot)

I am looking for recommendations or someone in the South Wales (UK) are that could change the spec of my BC so i can see average MPG etc. Or is it just as easy going to the main stealer

Are there any other changes I should consider (may try the CC swap of the stick) the old S-FE had it all so the wife will miss the toys.

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