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Okay so firstly hi everyone!!
Got an Antara and never drove it in 2 years.
Been a nightmare from start to finish and currently stuck in work car park.
Had the elusive starting not starting issue initially but then just vague click and not starting at all now.
Think it’s to do with dodgy cable that had a recall. Apparently mine was done but I think either not properly or it’s same again. Vauxhall quoted £1600 without seeing vehicle. When I enquired if recall repair was guaranteed they said I would need to get vehicle to them in first instance. Ha!! how will that work it’s not starting and they know it!!! Anyway battery now seems flat as well and I can’t determine if vehicle is stop start or not before replacing 🙄. Comes up that it is if you put reg in online search for battery but nothing in vehicle indicates it is stop start? Got a Agm battery fitted but is this correct or not?? Finally if starter is dodgy is it a massive job?
Please help 😁😁
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