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New To Antara

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Just in to say hello, just purchased new Antara Diamond in white & hope to collect on the 1st of September, I have been a vauxhall man for manyyears with my last car being a Vectra VXR & Zafira 1.6 life, sadly sold the Vectra & wrote off the Zafira several days later, I am sure I shall have loads of questions in the next several weeks.

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Welcome aboard Mark and congrats on the new car.

If you will be half as pleased with it as I am with mine (a year old now) then you will be a very satisfied Antara owner.

Welcome to the forum Mark.

I'm sure you will like your Antara but its no Vectra VXR!!.

A few tweaks and its not bad though for its size.
Thanks for the welcome, hope it is nowt like the Vec as spend thousands on that car, lol already been looking at extras for the Antara.... lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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