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New SatNav

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I've finally decided I don't like the Antaras SatNav.
It's too low down to be comfortable for viewing and it it is not the easiest thing to program. I prefer to be able to hook the unit up to a computer and enter one or more destinations and favourites using a normal keyboard. With the Antara you have to do everything with the one finger of the left hand, which I do not find easy. From what I remember, map updates were also very expensive for the VX unit.

My old SatNav was a 4 year old 5 inch model that had not had its maps updated for a while. I went on to the Garmin site with a view to downloading the latest maps. To my horror, they wanted £50 for the current maps. I thought this was too much to update an old unit, so decided to get a new one instead.

I went for another Garmin, as I found my old one better than the Tom Tom I had before that. The one I went for was a Garmin Nuvi 2595LM with free lifetime map updates. The new one is also a 5 inch model, so it fits the accessories I already have. I paid £139 for it at Halfords. I think it will work out cheaper than updating and old unit, and I get the benefit of the latest technology into the bargain.

Haven't had it working in the car yet, as it is still on its first charge. But I did notice it was almost instantaneous in picking up the satellites from inside the house. The old unit used to struggle finding satellites while indoors.

I'm going out for a run tomorrow, so I'll see how it performs then.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab on which I downloaded Route 66 mapping software for all of Europe. It works a treat and has a big screen. I think this is perfect as, being a computer thing, I also keep all other car related data such as fuel and service logs there too. I also have music and a camera in it.

Definately the way to go for me.
Spantara said:
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab on which I downloaded Route 66 mapping software for all of Europe. It works a treat and has a big screen. I think this is perfect as, being a computer thing, I also keep all other car related data such as fuel and service logs there too. I also have music and a camera in it.

Definately the way to go for me.
Which car mount do you use?

Do you power it from the car, or is just used on battery power?

I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, but never thought of using it as a SatNav.
I bouight a dedicated mount in Sweden. Suction cup or screw mounting although I have not been brave enough to make holes in the dash so it is "sucked" onto the windscreen like a lumpfish on a rock.

The car attachment fitting comes with a 12volt car lighter style connection so it is car powered.

I can get more details ane photos at the weekend but at the moment I am sitting in Paris Charles de Gaule airport waiting for a flight to Newcastle. I have been here 5 hours already
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Hi Stephen, what size screen are you using as I'm using a 10.1 but I use galaxy s3 for sat nav as it as 3g. I Know they use gps but I use Google maps as I was told you were charged for using gps.
Long wait in the airport for you, I hope the time passes Quickly.
Interesting that the Antara's sat nav has been questioned. I contacted the dealer 2 weeks ago as I found the maps on my 13 plate really out of date, the dealer said I needed to speak to vauxhall hq as they only sell the car with the software provided. I emailed vauxhall and asked about the maps and shift up light not working. I received a call from vauxhall today telling me my maps were 2011 version, so I guess produced sometime in 2010 and they would be more than happy to sell me updates.

Needless to say I am currently not in the best of moods after the car got damaged so Vauxhall got both barrels and I basically said I wasn't paying them a penny, the car is a 2013 and should have maps provided inline with the age. The cheeky thing said if units and maps have been in storage you get what the car is made with as they need to use stock up. Not the type of response I was expecting, anyway they tried to give me the run around by saying I needed to speak to the salesman, I said I wasn't been given the run around, wasn't paying them a penny for updates, there system was crap and if it wasn't sorted I was still within my rights to reject the car. She said she would call back.

5 minutes later a call from the dealer stating Vauxhall been on to them and they need to sort it out ASAP. To be honest felt sorry for the dealer as unless they have swapped the cards not their problem really. The dealer said the maps are £75 to £100 not sure if this is cost to them but will sort it for me. Vauxhall supposedly ringing back on Thursday.

For experience of Vauxhall customer services is not a pleasant one or the level of service I was expecting. £27k car coming with old maps for stock standing around is appalling. Despite getting new maps think I will still go for a TomTom as position of vauxhall system is extremely poor and don't really like how the system works full stop with its route planning.
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I am using a 7" screen. I bought my Galaxy Tab in Edinburgh about 2 or maybe even 3 years ago.

If you download the maps from Route 66 or other provider, using the GPS costs nothing. Of course the maps have to be paid for but that is a one-off payment which, as far as Roue 66 is concerned, includes updates I believe.

If you use Google Maps then you need to have a data connection as these maps are not downloaded to your Galaxy Tab. If you try doing this abroad it can be very expensive indeed.

I strongly recommend this way to go as the Galaxy Tab (or other such device) is so very flexible and can be used for so much more than just navigation.

Now in Newcastle
Time for a "Broon Ale hinney"
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Thanks Stephen, I'll bare that in mind.
If your having Newcastle Brown, then have a couple for me please.
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Does anybody know the make and model of the inbuilt sat nav in 2013 Antara SE?
Hi in the SE Nav models it is the Bosch touch and connect system
Hi there, ona slightly different tack but still on the infotainment system does anyone know how to get voice operated dialing working? I've read the manual but it is of no help. I'm using an iphone5.Regards,
Did you get any response re your phone, I am having the same issue
Hi Ged, sorry I didn't get any response at all. Dealer was no help. It just seems daft that for a top of the range new vehicle that it doesn't seem to have voice operated dialling where other new vauxhalls have it. Let me know please if you find out more. Regards.
Ok thanks, I have contacted Vauxhall too, it seems that in America they do a software upgrade to their vehicles so I wonder oef that is available over here. I will let you know if I have any luck.
I have just got a se nav and when me and the wife left the dealers some how pressing the buttons on the wheel we had a voice asking use for a phone number or name but have not been able to get it working again. Not sure what we pressed but it does have voice control . Any one got it working yet as the wife use to use it a lot on her old car.
I got my 2013 Antara SE this week.
I previously had a 2012 Insignia without a sat nav. I use my car for work with my tomtom that has lifetime map updates, live traffic updates and lifetime speed camera updates.

I was looking forward to removing the screen clutter and using the on-board sat nav but it is way out of date. Reading on here the various issues I am inclined to replace the whole system.

Has anyone done this and can recommend a plug and play replacement?
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