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New Owner Help !!!

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Hi to you all, I have just purchased a Antara 2.2 manual 4x4 and became a new member to night 17/03/14 The car has been owned by the dealer from new the car is on an 11 plate it has cover 16,500 it will have an MOT and a full service and a tow bar fitted I pick it up on the 1st of April can any of you please give me advice to help me stop me worrying if I have done the right thing !! Thank you . Edited by: Chauffeur
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Welcome to the club chauffeur, you will getsome telling you what agreat car the Antara is & you will get those that knock it. I have had mine since August and had no problems, I have done 7,000miles in it. Apart from the usual moans about the regens everything isO.K.
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If you are not sure you have a 14 day cooling off period since signing anything
But otherwise I have had mine since new last May 2013. Not had really any problems with it only noticed two regens but some have issue with the regens occurring more than others, has a little rust along the tail gate just above the chrome seems to be a issue,the car is a great drive and comfortable and the response through the steering is great but if you have test driven it and gave it a good once over and had someone look at it then it's downtown you .
Bye the way high to the forum
Nah sell it they are just fuel hungry rust buckets.

BTW welcome to the forum.
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Hi mate, I've had my antara SE Nav since September and tow a twin axle caravan with it No worries at all. A really nice car. Just started to use millers diesel addative.... Gone from 28.9 to 34 mpg overnight... Happy days.
Hi,had mine 7 months no problems and tows the caravan like a dream.
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Can any tell me what regents are with the car and what problem it has, thank you for all your reply
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It doesnt have any problem, Regen is short for regeneration and is a system that all manufacturers have to use on their diesel engines since 2009 to comply with Euro 5 emission rules. A regeneration is when the large harmful particles that are created when the diesel burns in the engine are caught in a filter in the exhaust, and to stop this from becoming too full the car automatically burns this off at a high temperature, so that all that is left are much finer, less harmful soot particles that then pass through the exhaust. To enable the 'burn' or 'regeneration' unburnt diesel is fed into the filter and is burn off inside, so that it reaches a very high temp. The complaint is that when this process occurs (around 500 miles), the fuel consumption is increased. But this is not a problem with the car, it is a characteristic.
cadds said:
Hi,had mine 7 months no problems and tows the caravan like a dream.

Same as above. Out of interest, did the dealer give you a 100,000ml/lifetime warranty or the 3 yr?
It will be the balance of the 3 year as the car has to be less than 3 years and under 10k miles for lifetime.
I got the Lifetime Warranty,just had an email from them telling me it had been reactivated and they would remind me again next year,it was three months old with 4000 miles on it.
Blimey, you were lucky to get that, it is usually just for cars under a year old (I mistakenly put under 3 years in my last post!)
Its only twelve months old now,just had its first service.
Hi we've had our Antara SENav 184 since 1March a great car to drive getting about 34 mpg on local journeys. Will be towing a caravan for the first time with the Antara tomorrow.
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I think they are designed to tow as they have the short overhang,self levelling suspension good engine and a decent weight and trailer stability assist if wired up properly,best tow car I have had.
I personally love the car but mine has had loads of faults. The fuel is rubbish I only get 26 mpg.

I also use it to tow with and it is great for that, But given the option I would get rid and go for a Honda crv
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