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new guy - display query

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Hi guys. Picked up a 63 plate white antara diamond fwd yesterday. Despite the spec being a little lower than I'd have imagined I love the motor and how it looks.

Quick query. When I turn on radio it immediately goes to the phone display? I do not have a phone connected nor will I want to. Can I change it so when it tuens on it goes directly to the radio display?

Also by BC button does nothing? Just to confirm had the 63 plate diamond not got a trip computer anywhere on It? Shame if not but no great loss as from my experience they are usually wrong anyway and end up annoying me.

Cheers. And great forum here with lots of info.
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Yeah its slightly annoying.

Radio comes on but visual display shows No Phone.

Then have to move it onto radio to see radio display.
To get it to go to radio you press FM/ AM or CD on the system or on the steering Collium above the phone icon on your left hand side, I have the SE Mondale hope it is the same
do you just need to do this once or each time you turn the radio on/off???
I know its a tiny thing but its annoying me.

When I put key in ignition it shows date and time and temp.

Then when key is turned it displays No Phone. Then when I turn radio on it plays radio and still displays No Phone until I manually adjust it to show radio.

Must be a way to chnage this?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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