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hi all,

i have just got hold of a 2011 2.2 cdti se 4x4 ( I'm going to be honest I'm a ford guy and had get a motor fast as my Mondeo back end went and was not worth repairing after 6 years of trouble free motoring )
this was the only car in the right price bracket and new enough to last a few years i hope ,

i cannot say I'm ecstatic with it but its something im going to have to live with . its been stood for the best part of a year so had new breaks, disks etc all round and wheels refurbed so had to wait 2 weeks for that to be done then the alarm kept going off ! read the fixes on here and the the button by the inside light fix seems to work for now ( my drive is down word pointing and i have to reverse up it ) the garage has ordered a new switch / sender censer see if this fixes it.
also picked up to turn the traction control off and only turn on in bad weather snow very wet conditions ?
so im not doing cartwheels yet is there anything else i should look for or expect i have seen there not that good on mpg as well ?

hope i can get some more tips and grow to like this motor
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