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Metallic rattle drivers side dashboard

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Anybody else got an annoying metallic rattle from the drivers side of the dashboard, seems to be behind the instruments and dependant on engine speed / vibration, it's driving me nuts...
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Hi, our 2011 Antara SE 184hp 4x4 occassionally has a metallic / thumping noise from the front drivetrain. Our dealer initially thought it was faulty struts (and had them replaced), but the noise came back and he then changed the anti-roll link rod. But unfortunately, and only after a week or so, the noise is back.
I am not sure we are talking about the same issue here and ours only happens when we go over a bump, a pot hole or generally a bad road. is it the same for you??
Are you sure it's not your keys rattling, something in the door pocketor some loose coins in the coin drawer?
Thanks for the suggestions I think I fixed the rattle myself, when you look at the brake / clutch pedals there's a metal bracket a bit like a 2 prong fork, I think it's to defect the pedal in a crash, if I knocked it there was a rattle so I think certain engine vibrations would make the bracket rattle, simply gave it a good waggle and it seems to have fixed it..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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