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LPG conversion.

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Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone has looked into having a gas conversion done on a diesel Antara and would this rid us of all the DPF problems. I understand the outlay but if you are keeping the car for 5 or 6 years then savings could be made. Also how would Vauxhalls lifetime warranty be affected ??.
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This could be an extremely costly process.
At the very least, you would have to create spark plug sockets and fit the electrical control equipment for managing the spark, if you were trying to do a full conversion. Even then, the higher revving required for LPG would put additional strain on other engine parts.

If you were thinking about using a diesel.LPG mix, then the saving from that are likely to be less than you think.

Have a read at this article.

As for the warranty, I think it certain your engine warranty would be void if you did a full conversion where you had to have the cylinder head machined to accept spark plugs. For mixed fuel, they would also void your warranty if they could prove the use of mixed fuel had cause the fault your were trying to make a claim against.

Doesn't really sound like a good idea.
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Hi, I'm not sure that diesel can be converted to LPG,same as petrol cars,as they don't have a spark. there are some mods that can be carried out however.
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