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Location of dpf ?

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Can anybody tell me the location of the dpf on a
61 plate antara 2.2(163) manual please ?
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Open the bonnet it's right I front of you between the radiator and the engine block :)
It is in exhaust after flexible section where it starts running horizontal.

Look under car, from behind front wheel to centre of vehicle and you can see it

Item 5 on the following picture, i know this is earlier engine but i believe it is in same place on later model.

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Is this under the skid plate then ?
From memory look further back nearly in line with under drivers seat.Edited by: HoneyMonster
So the big box at back is the catylistic converter ?
Where at back are we talking, as big box right at back of exhaust by rear bumper is a silencer box.

The replacement cat is item 4 on pic above which is item 1 on full system why they put it there on pic i dont know.

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I know I had asked the same question in the past, what got me was what is item 1 in the picture ?
Mine only has one under the seat position it's oval about 12" long and
About 8"across longest point nothing else infront or behind that I can see ????
I will attempt upload of photo
That should be your DPF without having car and no pics i am just going from memory :)
Can I upload a photo from an iphone ? If so how ?
SJG said:
I know I had asked the same question in the past, what got me was what is item 1 in the picture ?

Going into guide item 1 is the cat I have amended my original post after reading the guide which you can get by clicking link to that photo
Shaun that is another silencer box go forward and take a another pic if you can
Aha at last a pic of later models they have moved it from earlier models, SO sorry was giving duff gen on the 2.2 model :) it is different from 2 litre diesel

I apologise for any misleading info i may have given. Item 6
Nothing in front of that before skid plate I'll try another photo ??
To summarise DPF Location 2 litre diesel in horizontal section roughly under drivers seat. 2.2 diesel Vertical exhaust pipe after turbo
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I can't see the diagrams from the link, ( I pad issue I think) but I'm glad for the discussion as this was where I got confused last time, as Shaun mine has nothing visible forward of the photo taken, everything else is under the engine tray, so is the DPF actually right behind the radiator directly after the turbo as I originally thought ?
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