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Load Compartment Cover

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Is it me?
When the rear seats are in the fullyupright positionthe load cover will not fit, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in anticipation.
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Not entirely sure what you mean by "fully upright position", but if you mean locked at the postion with the headrest as near as possible to the front seats, then I can't see see any reason why the cover wouldn't fit. I just checked mine, and I have no problems fitting the cover with the seat back forward.

If you mean tilting the seat back in the direction of the boot space, I can't check that at the moment as I have my dog guard fitted to transport my dog to the Vet to get her stitches out after an operation. I'll have a look at that after I visit the Vets.

Silly question - Are you sure you are putting it in the right way round? It can only fit in one way.

Can you fit it OK if you lay the seats flat? What is getting in the way of it fitting?
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you should have 2 positions for the rear seats, One nearly vertical and one more reclined both should be okay with the load cover in place. Like Inchindown I have a dog guard fitted so the the more reclined position still work okay for me but the seats rub on the dog guard and the noise gets on my nerves so i set the seat to the vertical position.
Sorry I did'nt make that clear at all.
When the seat is fully back (Headrest as far back to rear, not folded flat). The seat backfowls the recess which the load coverlocks into.

The only reasonI noticed was there was a rattle coming from the back and when I removed the load cover and pused the seats back as far back as possible the rattle stopped, and thats when I discoverd the cover would not fit.
I always used to have seat backs slightly forward fit load cover then recline the seat back to the cover.As you say if you put them fully back without the load cover in they do go slightly too far back, but comfortable for back seat passengers as they can recline there seats that little bit more when no load cover in place.

By the way the rattle may well have been the rear seat belts.
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