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Lifetime warranty

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Hi, To keep my VX warranty I am required to have my vehicle serviced at a VAT registered garage using genuine VX parts and to the VX schedule (So probably main dealer would be best way to go). After 3 years,does anything change,or do I still need to go to a maindealer?

I did read somewhere that an annual inspection by VX was all that was required, plus a service by a local garage.

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You need to re register your car every year, take your car and service book into your local dealer, they will inspect the vehicle, my local garage does not charge for this, I believe some do, and they will re register the vehicle for another 12 months.
Thanks. Is it a stipulation that you still service the car with VX parts and to the VX schedule after year 3 and on ?
Yes this is correct, also you need to have the cars V5 registration document with you when you get the reactivation they use this to check your still the first owner.
Ok, Thanks to all.

Could be pricey, to keep the lifetime warranty
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Hi the trick is to where possible play dealers of against each other, I did this and got my first service , body check and warranty re-activation done at a Vauxhall franchised dealer for £170, the first quote I received was £300.
Under block exemption rules you are not obliged to use a franchised dealer or use genuine Vauxhall parts, as long as the garage is VAT registered and the parts used are of a similar quality, however in the real worldit is probably a better bet to use afranchised dealer andoriginal partsjust remember to haggle hard to get the best prices.
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