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LED sidelights

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Hi all,
I replaced my rubbish gm standard sidelight bulbs the other day with some led ones due to one blowing after just 11months.
Not a job I want to do again as it's abit of a faf.
I just followed the instructions in the manual on how to remove the headlight.
Hints and tips for anyone else who's needs to do this,
The 11 screws for the radiator cover, be gentle when unscrewing so that they unscrew,
When trying to remove the sidelight bulb holder it just pulls out but very stiff so I used a screwdriver for some leverage.

These are what I fitted...

Nice and bright at night, still quite bright during the day but not quite bright enough for DRL (maybe on a dull day).
Just now need to change dipped headlights for something whiter looking as they look very yellow now.

I would post a pic but won't let me from my iPad

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Changed mine last week to the ones with five little yellow chip pads on,well pleased as they now match the headlights fitted on newer antara ,just a note on the later antara the side light bulb holder twist out anti clockwise and re fit clockwise from the back.and as you said the screws are a pain . Cheers mike
Some VW's, Volvos and Renaults require a dealer to change a bulb!
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