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Leaving the forum

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I have decided to leave the forum

I have met some really nice people on here and some that are not, I did enjoy looking at others opinions on the Antara and mostly the off topic stuff and sharing pictures of the car and my lovely dog and others pets, it would be nice to keep in touch with some of you, I am on FB and you can ask Derek for my Email address.
Derek I would like to ask you to remove my details from the forum and if anyone wants my email address please give them it.
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I think you need time to sleep on it and don't get all mellow dramatic.
That is precisely why I have decided to leave your sarcastic manor, plus if a member private mails you regarding an issue of being called a stalker ( which in my vue is well out of order) and is informed it was not worth answer then what kind of moderator runs a good forum. I am not going to get into it Derek so bye bye and enjoy your Antara like I do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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