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Hi all,

Ive been lurking around for the past month or so since picking up my new Antara although ive been away for two weeks so only just getting into the swing of things. Anyways to introduce myself properly my names Dan, im from Southampton and I own a brand new fwd exclusive in black which so far I'm throughly enjoying ownership of.
Ive already added cruise control following the instructions on here but I'm struggling to unlock the BC function. Went to a garage with VAUXCOM today with no success, apparently it wouldn't find the CD40 USB unit despite trying several modes... Anyway I'll keep trying and will post for advise in the appropriate area.

Next mods will be, bumper guard, remap and parking sensors and I want to get rid of the door lock buttons for clean lines as I think they age the car and they're in the way when resting my elbow ontop of the door card.

I'm sure all the above will lead to many questions.
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