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Jsg again !

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Hi can anybody tell me if Jsg side bars stick out far enough to stop other cars parked next to you from hitting your doorsmany thanks
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Hi fitted them to mine about three weeks ago, they look great. Parked my wife's Suzuki alto alongside and tried the door, it hit the bars, result. Have checked other cars when parked alongside and in the majority of cases it looks like they will protect my car door.mind you if I can I park well away from other cars just in case. Cheers

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Hi smoke eater ,thanks for the reply, I have ordered the side steps today, I have only had the car a few days and I am very very careful where I park it ,but you know what its like you park well away on your own and when you come back to your car its as if its a magnetcheers
Hi bobbyt. Pleased to hear you have got your bars ordered. Just a tip on fitting, hang the brackets under the car first.make sure you have the right ones on the right side. you have to remove three plastic caps on either side of the car to bolt the hangers into. Plenty of copper slip.leave everything untightend and get someone the help offer up the side step and hold in position while you tighten your nuts !!! Titter ye not. I had to cut a small section out of one of the rear brackets to fit around the electronic handbrake,but you get a template,and did it with a hacksaw. Stuck some black hammerite on the cut edges.leave the bars wrapped while working saves the spanner dings.hope it goes well.
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no they don't, front passenger done been dinged twice in car parkssince fitted

Bad luck, sorry you got dinged. Every car sits at a different height so protection isn't 100%. But in my opinion some protection is better than none and,they don't break the bank.
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