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its got to go

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Since buying my 2012 antara and from new I have had numerous problems listed.
Dpf issues we all have rubbish system
Complete new drivers side front suspension over a number of visits to dealer
Rattles and knocks
Stereo volume goes up and down and poor reception
Loss of gear selection then corrects itself
Etc etc
And now we have a bad vibration and noise through car under acceleration and normal driving and lack of power feels like clutch or gearbox problem I have now had me enough the only issue is affording to change as its worth nothing and what do I buy another SUV or car I do tow a caravan and my vectra I had before was brilliant why did I swap lol any suggestions thanks
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A list like that and i can see why you are getting frustrated.
Iwas lucky and didnt have any problems and only had to change because of a difference in circumstances, meaning the Antara was no longer practical for me. I can highly reccomend the vehicle i have now as a tow car in fact has won what tow car a few times.

I know it is frustrating and probably confidence shot, but got to be worth a letter to VX head office see if they can make any suggestions.

Hope all turns out for the best in the end.
well its gone pick new car up tuesday the new mitsubishi outlander what a motor had it for a full day and with mainly townish driving got 48mpg and gos better than my antara and no dpf issues and cheaper £200 every service now just got to get towbar
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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