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Irmscher Antara Side Steps for sale

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Okay Guys and Girls I have a set of genuine Irmscher side steps which I bought for my Antara up for grabs.

These are not the cheaper ebay ones that tend to rust after a few months these are the VX approved and fitted Irmscher ones that sell for £600-£700.

I bought them and fitted them to my Antara and they look great BUT my wife has back problems and believe it or not she found it made her back worse with them on the car so I ended up taking them off after only a week on the car

Since then they have been packaged up in the original boxes while I decide if my wifes back improved enough to refit them of I sell them so it looks like the I will be selling them.

They are in mint condition after only being fitted for 6 days so if anyone is interested and wants to make me a reasonable offer pm me. I can even deliver within reason around Scotland or I can arrange to meet someone if they are from further afield ie the north of Englandshire

I will post some pictures later but get in touch if your interested or I will stick them on ebay.

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I will get a few pictures at the weekend of the boxed side steps but here is a pic of them on the car. Sorry its not the best picture but as they were only on a few days I didnt have much time to take any lol.

These steps are pretty easy to fit and the good thing is the brackets fit to the car and then you attach the tube separately which makes it easier to align every thing up before you tighten them up and its not as heavy to lift if you are fitting them on your own.
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I still have these for sale if anyone wants the real thing and not the cheap ebay version. make me an offer.
Pm me a reasonable price and I'll see if I can afford them as I'm looking for some! What would you want for them?
They look very smart, did they sell?
Nope still have them but since Im getting a new antara next week Im thinking about putting them on it when the weather gets better unless I sell them that is.
I do still have them but I am going to keep them now and fit them to my new Antara. Hopefully the wife wont complain about them again.
Ok no worries as u know there next on my list
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