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iPhone IOS 7.0.3 / Touch & Connect

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At the weekend I updated my iPhone to IOS 7.0.3 - When I am trying to play music on the touch and connect system by USB I am now getting a message on the iPhone saying that the device is not supported and on the sat nav screen that there is a communication error.

Anyone else had this happen or know how to fix it?
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I'm guessing that what you're saying is that it used to work but now you have updated - it doesn't anymore?

I have ios 7 so I can try it, but I have always connected via the bluetooth option and it's worked perfectly. Have you tried to connect that way?

I am not completely sure that it is designed to connect via the lightning lead and the USB port. Entirely happy to be told I am wrong, but iphones can be funny sometimes about data transfer via the USB. If you plug it in does it show as charging? It could be that it will charge form the USB but not transfer. You can of course come out of the headphone socket into the 3.5mm jack. Or as I say connect via blootoof.

I have the Clarion pre touch and connect and it seems to be okay after updating. I also prefer to connect via USB for the extra features and better sound quality.

Bluetooth is okay for a short journey and a quick connection.
I'll look into that Grumps. I have to confess I didn't know I was missing features. Always been happy with what I was getting. But if there's more on offer ......

The update of ios 7 will not work onsome non apple docking stations so Im guessing its the same with the touch and connect, itunes will not evenlet you use there music to assign to ringtones anymore with the new updates. I changed my cd30 to a s100 nav and usb works okay.
Hi all,
Just bought the cable to connect my iphone via the USB & pin connecter in the center consul it works on sounds fine through the car speakers volume via radio control ,am I expecting to much for the phone to work via this cable to make a hands free system mine is a se auto antara on a 12 plate ? Any one tried ? Help cheers mike
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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