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Intermittent Wipers

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Think I must be thick! I haven't yet sussed out how to vary the intermittent wiper speed on my Dec 2012 Exclusive AWD Auto. Can anyone explain please??
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Hi Dave page 72 of the will be easier to read than for anyone to explain !!!
I wonder if that works with the automatic rain sensor wipers?
There seems to need to be a lot of rain before the rain sensor kicks in.
Hi Dave, havjng the same problem myself, have tried what the manual says butstill only one speed.
Hi guys. Intermittent wiper settings work ok on my 2013 exclusive. Easy to set. Pull wiper stalk down. The wipers will wipe at normal speed. Keep holding it down ie count to 2 seconds for a 2 second wipe. Once you have done this push wiper stalk up to position 1 and wipers will wipe every 2 seconds or whatever time you desire. Hope this helps.
Hi Murphy1 - glad someone else is having the same difficulty setting the intermittent wipers. Have tried what the handbook says but makes no difference - just one speed! Wonder if any other members have any suggestions or maybe have to call at dealers for further investigation (OR for them to prove how dense I am being??
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