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Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling

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Hi, just ordered myself (company car) an Antera 183ps SE manual, smoke grey with titanium leather. After 3 years in an insignia I fancied a change.

Just recently moved with work up to the Lake District so wanted a 4x4 with a decent sized boot (ruled out the Mokka) but is able to make comfortable and resonably fuel efficent progress up and down the M6 (ruled out Hilux).

That said I was disappointed to learn that the AWD system is not the same as used on the Mokka and insignia (haldex system) and instead uses an Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling?

Does this mean that a front wheel slip has to occur before the AWD system engages? The other systems engage on acceleration so no slip on the front wheels occurs. Less likley to bog down at the front before the push from the back kicks in.

Any tec types out there who understand how the antara works?

Does the traction control retard a spinning wheel so you don't get the embarrassing 4x4 opposite corner wheel spin when trying to make progress on snow or a muddy field?

Too late to change my mind, and I think it's the best of the options I had, i'm just interested.
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Hi Dan welcome to the forum.

The AWD maybe an older system but it is very effective. Yes the traction control does prevent nearly all wheel spin and yes when the 4x4 kicks in it does with a bit of a kick in the rear but not enough to cause any issues it soon corrects itself.

Most of us have had a very positive experience with our Antara during the bad weather. Even without winter tyres I have had no issues in fairly deep snow.

I think the guys who have used their Antara either in snow or mud will confirm this.
Looks like they perform quite well. The blurb seems to suggest that the brain monitors steering and throttle position, so looks like it's an improvement on the constant slip front axle systems. I wonder if it leaves the 4x4 system in for a bit, following loss of traction.

Not going to be doing serious off roading, just the occasional unmade road field.

13 weeks is the estimate I've been given.
Hi Dan welcome to the forum, Ive used my Antara in the snow,mud tracks, fields and single track dirt roads with absolutely no issues. Its not an out and out off roading 4x4 so dont treat it as such but it does what it is asked to do very well. Iam sure the 13 weeks will be worth the wait, just enjoy the Antara when it comes.
Hi Dan and welcome along to the forum.

The weeks will fly in and it won't be long until you get your nice new Antara.

13 weeks delivery means that you will have your car in plenty of time for any snow that may come our way
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Thanks guys, feeling happier again.

Went and had another look at one at the local vauxhall garage and I now feel more comfortable with my choice.

Not going to be doing serious offroading but it's good to know I can get out of a wet field or deal with some snow.
Pulled a 1700kg caravan off a smooth wet grassy pitch up a wee slope with no wheels spin with standard tyres and the van had sunk into the pitch. So more than happy so far on that side of it.
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