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Hey, been around car forums for a loooong time, so figured new car = new forum. :) My wife works in the Staffordshire moorlands, and her job is requiring more and more off road ability, so a few months back we swapped our Astra Twin Top for an Anatar! I read the reviews, heard about the problems and then bought one anyway! The MASSIVE reduction of ticket price from Arnold Clark and the lifetime warrenty proved two much of a draw from the Quasqui`s of this world, and besides, I liked it better! ;)
We picked up a 2013 Antara SE Nav 4x4 in October, our first brand new car ever
2000 miles into ownership, and we both like the car, it`s off road ability as already been tested and proved perfectly suitable for Claire`s needs, and the ability to carry more than we are used to is most welcome. The fuel economy is average at best (33ish) but in all honestly I`ve never been too bothered about savings here, my toy is VXR8...
Not had chance to mess with the car yet, aside from giving it a full Pre-winter detail, (working on something with no paint blemishes was nice for a change!) So a good few coats of Dodo juice supernatural where applided for protection, along with some Megs trim wax etc..
Plans will be minimal on this one, it`s a work horse more than anything, I might sort a set of mudflaps, but not sure, but I will be sorting a Bluefin map in the near future. :)

So anyways, pics!:

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