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Hey, been around car forums for a loooong time, so figured new car = new forum. :) My wife works in the Staffordshire moorlands, and her job is requiring more and more off road ability, so a few months back we swapped our Astra Twin Top for an Anatar! I read the reviews, heard about the problems and then bought one anyway! The MASSIVE reduction of ticket price from Arnold Clark and the lifetime warrenty proved two much of a draw from the Quasqui`s of this world, and besides, I liked it better! ;)
We picked up a 2013 Antara SE Nav 4x4 in October, our first brand new car ever
2000 miles into ownership, and we both like the car, it`s off road ability as already been tested and proved perfectly suitable for Claire`s needs, and the ability to carry more than we are used to is most welcome. The fuel economy is average at best (33ish) but in all honestly I`ve never been too bothered about savings here, my toy is VXR8...
Not had chance to mess with the car yet, aside from giving it a full Pre-winter detail, (working on something with no paint blemishes was nice for a change!) So a good few coats of Dodo juice supernatural where applided for protection, along with some Megs trim wax etc..
Plans will be minimal on this one, it`s a work horse more than anything, I might sort a set of mudflaps, but not sure, but I will be sorting a Bluefin map in the near future. :)

So anyways, pics!:

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Welcome to the forum. Nice pics but it needs a rear spoiler lol.

Glad your like the Antara. They are not perfect but they'd re not as bad as some reviewers and owners would have you believe.

Enjoy the forum and join the chat
Welcome Bicco, Antara has its niggles but what car doesnt?....A set of mud flaps is a must !!
Welcome Bicco your car is sweet same as mine apart from mine is automatic lol good choice,
Merry Christmas
Welcome to the forum Mark, you'll find all the answers to all the questions on here, ask grumps, he's been on here and the VX site from start.... But watch out for all the old wind up merchants lol
I agree with that although hard for a woman to do
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And you'll giggle when Wilma falls for it every time lol
Thanks for the welcome guys! :)
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