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How many caravans?

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Just been talking to my friend and ended up wondering how many caravanners are in the club and what youre outfits are. Sorry if topic already exists. I couldn't find one. My outfit is 2014white exclusive and compass venture 5 berth.
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Older outfit for us but 2008 antara 's' and a bailey beachcomber 4 berth, awesome tow car aswell
Well that's two that I know of!! Age doesn't matter its the quality time we spend in them. Oh and hello fellow caravanner.
i joined the club having brought a 2009 antara 2lt diesel, to tow my bailey Indiana 2008 1500cwt only kept the antara 9months to expensive to run could'nt pass a filling station it drunk fuel like it was going out of fashion,
gone and bought a nissan x-trail it knocks spots of the antara in fuel comsumption and towing never again buy antara again.

its a shame the antara is a nice looking motor but to expensive to run in my opinion.
Hi I have a 2013 Antara se towing a Swift Corniche 1550kg, you dont know the van is there, best tow car I have ever owned.
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2013 exclusive with a 2011 Bailey Orion 450/5, used to tow with a TD4 Freelander, the Antara is 100 times a better tow car.
I have had three X Trailsthe last one the 173 bhp,but find the Antara a far better tow car and the fuel consumption is better towing.
has i said its just my opinion I know i spent over a £1000.00 in repair bills in the 9 months of ownership with the antara.
I was putting £75.00 a week in fuel to fill up, now itthat hashalf with the x-trail which is 173bhp as said everyone as there own opinion

I know that I get the fuel consumption which Nissan claim which I did'nt with theVauxhall claim.

I would put my x-trail up against any Antara with the same weight of caravan. plus a small wager.
I think if you had bought the later model the 2.2 diesel you would have a better opinion of it.
My outfit 2011 white antara exclusive dragging behind it a 2012 elddis avante 540 . I bought the antara with towing in mind and it makes easy work of it . That said if I decide to sell the caravan I would also be looking for another vehicle .
I agree. We also bought ours for towing an elddis/compass. Seemed best value against the likes of ssanyong and dacia.
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cadds said:
I think if you had bought the later model the 2.2 diesel you would have a better opinion of it.

Reading the reports on here I don,t think it would make all that differance anyway my x-trail is a 2lt diesel nissan stop doing the 2.2 and the bhp was lower on that model

As said its only my opinion we are all different

I know which car I prefer after owning both, thats not to say that I did'nt like the antara it is a nice car just could'nt live with the running cost.

after only having the x-trail 2 weeks I have already notice the differancewith money in my pocket.
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We have a 2013 184 bhp manual and tow a compass corona 540 at 1500 kg. I have towed a lot of trailers and caravans over the years and the antara is the best thing I have ever towed with. But the gear box has just started whining and got a rumble from the back and turbo whistle with only 5000 mile on it. If vauxhall fix it all ok if not it will have to go.
Love the car but not that much.
It does have a lot of power but might be to much for the cheap vauxhall parts they use. We are going to France in September but not sure about taking the antara what is it like to get it fixed over there under warranty . We didn't get it from are local dealer but they are happy to help sort it out.
I meant the 2.2 diesel Antara not X trail,my last x trail was the 2 litre diesel 173.
I hope Vauxhall do all repairs needed!! Is it still under warranty? Oh and another compass great although I have had leaks with mine. I'll save that one for CCC forum
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We have a 2007 Auto SE pulling our 2014 Swift Celebration 524. Tows like a dream. Yes would like better fuel consumption - averages 21mpg with the van on the back - but would consider a newer Antara with 2.2 engine as and when we can change.
Also tow with my company Insignia 160bhp ecoflex which is a good towcar but not in the Antara's league although I achieve 33mpg on average. Even taking into account higher fuel consumption would still choose Antara over Insignia
8 outfits up to now. Nice outfits.
One more for your list.2012 Antara SE tows a 2009 Coachman Golden VIP 535, which weighs 1600kg with no problems.
Photos in Gallery under 'Antara doing what it does best'
Mmmmm nice outfit. Thanks for adding to list.
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