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hill descent

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hi everyone i have had my antara for 3 moths now and am still loving it but today i have had the hill descent icon illuminate on the dash broad any ideas as to why and fixes to this plz
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Hi Scott, did you select it ? Did it come on while you were driving? What colour is it illuminating, green or yellow?.. Is it steady or flashing? Have you tried pressing the button to de-select it?
it came on while i was doing 70 ish lol its a constant yellow
Constant yellow is indicating a ffault with the system. Have you ever used it? It could be a blip in the software, sometimes a battery disconnect / reconnect can sort these out. Maybe worth a try.
no never used it i doubt i ever would does disconnecting the battery cause any other probs when its reconnected
It shouldnt do, I have had it disconnected once, when I installed a new radio unit. If you are unsure then take it to the dealers, thats what the warranty is for.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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