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Hi ..
Owner of a 2.4 new petrol Exclusive, after3 years ofdriving Jag XF got fed up with the DPF issues and decided it was time for a change..Thought about a diesel Antara but with the posts here on the forumabout DPF along the same lines that I hadthat spoiled the XF, decided on petrol had it for 3 months and all good so far..
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Hi and welcome.
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Hi and welcome
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Hello and welcome to the forum!!
HI welcome
what kind of fuel economy are you getting with the 2.4 petrol
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I do mostly short journeys about 15-20 miles each dayfuel consumption is in the28 - 35 mpg range so not bad,.Best of all its trouble free motoring with no DPF full warning lights to deal with, when I had the JagtheMPG was about the same but I would have to take it fora blast on the motorway for about half an hour every other week to clear the DPFFullwarning light... <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />With the town driving that I do and the short journeys modern diesel's are just not an option for me, the only disappointment with the petrol Antara is the limited choice of specthat is available the Exclusive is the only petrol option for some reason
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