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Hi to all !

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Hi to everyone. My Antara is 2.4i, 167PS, FWD, Summit White. 3 weeks in possession.

So far so good. I hope it stays that way...
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Welcome bikson,

Think you must be the only owner of a petrol Antara on the forum.
Welcome to the forum.

Good to see another petrol Antara owner on here. As far as I know we only have one other on here.

It will be interesting to hear what you get for your mpg etc.
I agree with Grumps, I think there is one more member with petrol Antara.For 800 miles my mpg is 29. Soon I will install LPG kit so mpg will improve for ~40%.
I wonder what other members thinks about LPG conversions, pros and cons.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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