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Hi from sunny north wales

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Got an Antara 2.2 Diesel Exclusive last Sunday, straight from the dealers, brand new 63 plate. Covered 345 miles since I filled up. About 100 miles on motorway (70+ mph) the rest tootling around town and some A road miles.

Drum Roll...............35 mpg

Not bad me thinks.
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Pics ? and a good mpg for a new car, picked mine up on the 1st and offshore the 2nd so no real chance to drive yet.
Hi and welcome to the forums

35 m/g is better than some here are quoting.
Is this a manual?
I have had 27 m/g towing and around 35 m/g around and about. [ manual ]

Hope you enjoy your new baby.

We are almost neighbours

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HiThe manual seems to return better m/g than the auto.
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