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hi from Sheffield

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Hi everyone not been on the forum for a while had a few health problems had a stroke not very nice .lot better now .had our antara 11 months now still loving it no faults .dpfs a bit annoying but the wife deals with them ok lol been following other forums things getting a bit out of sorts .nice to be able to text again so wishing everybody happy Christmas cheers
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Hi Mungry

Welcome to the forum. This is the only place to go for Antara owners.
Hi Mark welcome to the forum glad your feeling better.

Enjoy the forum and join in the chat.

Merry Xmas
Hi Mungry and welcome. Sorry to hear of your health issues but glad your on the road to recovery. DPf can be annoying but its never a problem, just the system on the car.
Hi and welcome this is the only site for the real Antara owners, glad your health has improved and you can text again and a Merry Christmas to you and you lady wife to and all the best for 2014
Hi Mark,

Originally from Sheffield myself (Arbourthorne), but luckily escaped and now live in Derbyshire. Welcome to the forum
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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