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Hi All
Just joined today but had my Antara for a little over 12 months.
I tow a caravan with it and find that itis just what I need for the job.
It is so stable and sure-footed, and pulls the van with ease, a great motor to drive.
My only problem is, that I have a dealer-fitted Vx towbar with the dedicatedwiring loom etc,but after a fault on my caravan fridgeI have nowlost both the switched and the constant live feeds to the 13pin socket.
There are no blown fusesin either ofthe fuse boxes, and I have searched high and low for the relay and intermediate fuses to no avail. does anyone out there know where they may be, given that the vehicle has dedicated towbar electrics. I've got brain ache



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Hi Shep welcome to the forum.

There are two fuses in the drivers footwell fuse box. If you have checked them maybe its an issue on the caravan.

Have you checked the socket itself to see if its live?.
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