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help required, rear water jet squirting passenger

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Hi, help needed! I have a 57 plate Se Antara. Love the car but I have a problem where the rear washer pipe squirts water into the car on the passenger side front pillar! Quite funny when I forget it does this, when the wife is sitting in the passengers seat! With the car having pillar air bags, I am unsure how to remove the trim? Any help much appreciated. Also auto wiper intermittently works and then stops in random places across the windscreen, is it the relay, the sensor or the motor itself??

Cheers Ian
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Bugger ... saw the title and hoped it might help me. Missus was driving the car yesterday, and for the first time since we got it, the rear wash was applied. This resulted in the wiper going at the back but no water. After several repeat attempts, there was some applied squealing from the drivers side with shouts of "my feet are getting wet"! Fortunately (in some ways) she was wearing sandals or we might not have realised this, but when trying to scoosh the back window the water is being dumped somewhere behind the centre console (there was some in the passenger footwell too)!

Today, the sat nav seems to have no idea where i am in relation to the map so I hope that this hasn't resulted in sat-nav damage (although I expect the whole thing should be covered under the dealer warranty anyway).
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To remove trim prise off the little tab that says airbag. Behind this there is a screw. Undo the screw and gently pull the trim Towards you. Leverage can be gained by sliding your fingers between the door rubber and trim .
I had same problem the water pipe for rear wash wipe runs behind pillar it rubs against metal pillar and snaps remove pillar cover and re-joinpipe the wet cover dries out without any stains.
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