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Help finding dedicated plug

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Hi folks, I've fitted my towbar today that I purchased. It came with the dedicated electric plug but I can't seem to find the plug on the car, I've looked around the offside rear arch etc, has anyone else fitted a bar and struggled to find it. Do all antara's come with the plug already there? Mine's a 57 plate 's' can anyone else with a Simliar age car confirm if they have one?

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Hi, My Antara is a 2013 model and the socket is under a little cover on the off-side rear of the car. I'm not sure if the 57 model has it ?
Hmm I can't see anything obvious, but I'll keep looking, I was rained off earlier.
I know, couldn't see it though, looked in all the places that the wire would reach and couldn't see anything at all. That's why I was wondering if it should defo have one on a 57 plate, there were some wires going into the back bumper space, wondered if it could be tucked up in there. I've tried googling images but they are not very clear
do the towbar last week on own car that is definitely there stuck to the rear offside corner next to another black earth plug
Lift the boot lid up. It should be there, if fitted.
What age is your car lewdon, Chrisg can you see it from inside the boot then? Will have another look at the weekend if I get chance, not going to be towing for a few weeks at least the bar is on.
If you look on a site called P F Jones, (sell tow bars) there is an instruction sheet you can view for fitting dedicated electrics for Antara's years 07 to 11, I am not sure how accurate this is, I have a 2013 model and the plug is under the car on this year model, just forward of the exhaust back box to the left side (looking from the rear) the plug is on the underside of the floor pan, but the instruction above seem to indicate removing trim from the boot etc to plug in connections... Maybe not much help but worth a look...
I've seen those pics, the pics with the boot trim removed are for cars without dedicated and you can plug into the rear lights instead if splicing the electrics. Thanks for your help everyone. I'll have another look at the weekend and if it's not there it's onto plan b
Well, I phoned vaux technical today as I still couldn't see the plug. They took my reg and vin number. Seems my car doesn't have trailer prep. Apparently years 07-11 it needed to be spec'd from new when ordering, so some cars have it, and some don't. 11- onwards it comes as standard. So looks like its on to plan b. scotch locks anyone hahah
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