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Hi I've just picked up my antara it's an 07 plate 2.0 s what's it like in the snow?
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White :)

I found mine fantastic last year however I did have winter tyres fitted as well. But mine drove with confidence and feeling of sure grip all the time.
That sounds good, just need to do a ren gen now
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Didn't know the 07 was fitted with dpf, thought they were introduced on the 08
I've got an orange light on the dashboard and in the handbook it says the dpf needs cleaning so the 07 must have them, to be honest I wish it didn't
Is it possible to get the dpf removed?
Hi Lee and welcome to the club, Have a look at DPF removal And MOT fail on the forum.
Ok thanks. Just been out on a 30 mile run on the motorway revs at 3500-4000 and still no re gen
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Dont know wether the 07 is different to the 09 but my regen light is green. I have had the car since november, done nearly 700 miles (mostly local) and it has not done a regen that i have noticed yet anyway and i have had no warning light on.
I've got an orange light on dashboard and looking in the handbook it says a re gen is needed. Wish a knew how I could tho because it says if this light starts flashing I could have serious problems
A 15 minute run at revs over 2000 should clear it, if not it could be a fault and you will have to have it checked out,
I've just done 30 minute run with revs between 3500-4000 still nothing
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