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Had my Antara (2012 SE AWD Auto 184) for a couple of weeks now - I only came across this site after I'd bought it so I was a bit worried after reading all of the horror stories regarding DPF regens and MPG

So far I've had two regens, the first on the way home after picking the car up. I guess it's only been driven short distances on test drives so it was due for one. I took it for a blast up the motorway on the way home and cleared it out without any problems. I then had a long run up to Newcastle and back in a weekend managing to get and average of 35 mpg which I was well impressed with (my previous car was a VW Tiguan 2.0 AWD Auto and I was getting 41 on a similar run). When I got home I noticed the fan running on after I switched the engine off and lo and behold, the next day I got all of the signs of a regen continuing (0.9 instant consumption at idle and no 999.99 on overun). By the time I'd got to work, it was finished, again without incident.
So all in all I'm enjoying the car for what it is and trying not to worry too much about the price of diesel
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Hi, & welcome to the forum glad you like your antara, just let it do its thing & you'll have no problems
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