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Hi new forum member here. I ordered a white, manual SE nav 163 manual end of November. Hoping to have the car early in the New Year. I've never owned a Vauxhall before but was impressed by the Antara and the deals offered by Vauxhall. Compared against the Ford Kuga I couldn't afford not to go with the Antara. Hope i won't be disappointed.
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Hope you won't be disappointed with it . I discounted the Kuga due to its lower towing weight but really they're similar vehicles . Vauxhall antara build quality is pretty good what let's them down is poor customer service . I find the DPF regenerations are annoying and some don't like the way the DRL's work ( not me though ) . The claimed economy figures are impossible to reach but 30-35 mpg for quite a large vehicle isn't too bad in my opinion . Hope you enjoy your new vehicle when it arrives , have fun !
Thanks very much. The real deal breaker was the boot which we were really surprised by its size. Having little ones with pushchairs and scooters etc the boot on the Kuga was too small. We are looking forward to it and hoping for some snow too to test the 4wd.
Hi Gavlar, welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your antara when it arrives, don't think you'll be disappointed.
Hi and welcome to the forum I have had my Antara since May 2013 I like the boot as I can get a large stinky dog in the back I have never really noticed the regens until a couple weeks ago as the light came on, I don't find it annoying as the car is doing its job and for the size of the car ( mine is automatic 184) I think the return in fuel is not so bad but I have always maintained it is a motorway muncher as you seem to get better miles to the gallon.
Have a happy Christmas and 2014 will be great as you will have I your new car hall the best.
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