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Hi, just a quick hello, my old Meriva gave up the ghost the other week after nine years of pretty good service. To cut a long story short took delivery of a new gleaming black Antara Diamond three weeks ago. Love the looks of the car and had been enjoying the new car feeling until last Wednesday when someone decided to smash into my rear (less than 600 miles on the clock). Currently waiting for insurance work to be carried out which hopefully will not take to long and be to an acceptable standard. Looking forward to getting back on the road.
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Hello and sorry
to hear about your lovely car some of the forum guys now more then me about repairs and length of time the repairs might take, good luck
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I am really sorry for you. Just when you should be derriving maximum enjoyment from your Antara this has to happen.

I hope things will be fixed soon.
Depending on the parts needed you could be looking at upto 12 weeks, I had to wait around 4 weeks for a rear bumper for an SE Nav.

Mine went to VX dealer who holds the insurance contract, as I said in the the other thread just check the lines and curves all match up. Mine looks just like new now but it did take them 6 goes to get it right.
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