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I am a disabled member I have had my Mobility Antara since last November I cannot drive , but my wife drives the Antara it is 2.2 CID model we love the car it well suites my needs. The big problem is the economy it is very poor only 24mph. Can anybody offer any assistance desperate thinking of getting rid. Pete
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Seems a bit on the low side. What sort of driving do you do?
Hi we do a lot of 2-5 mile trips
That might be what's contributing to the low mileage. That sort of usage is not really suited to a diesel engine unfortunately.
Thanks I am thinking should not have had it but need 4x4
Welcome to the forum.

your mpg does sound very low even taking your trip distance into consideration.

I would be more worried about DPF problems
DPF sorry what is this no problem for me it's a Motability car
DPF is the Diesel Particulate Filter. It's fitted in the exhaust system and it filters out the soot particles from the diesel exhaust. The engine management system will periodically burn extra diesel in order to raise the exhaust temperature for a short period in order to clean out the filter.

If you are doing mainly short journeys (especially starting from cold) then it will be difficult for the exhaust gases to get hot enough to clean the filter out. There is a warning light which comes on if the car is having difficulty cleaning the DPF, and you will need to drive with the engine fully warmed up and the engine rpm above 2000 until the light goes out (probably around 20 minutes).

There is a bit more detail in your owners manual.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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