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Hello , joined the forum a while back whilst waiting to collect my antara. First time I saw one I thought they looked great. I Read the reviews and decided against it. I then decided that a qashqai was the answer for replacing my bmw. Looked at a few but none really made me think wow. The antara just kept calling me. So I kept searching reviews until I found more on them. Clearly the upgrade has helped. I've owned the car a few weeks now and am pleased . Sure it's not as smooth as the bmw (e90) I had but then it's a crossover so should it be! Refinement inside is nice the leather and trim is nice. I'm just puzzled why vauxhall would fit heated seats and half leather as standard but switch off trip computer and mpg info. Sure I can switch back on and will also add cruise control but its bizarre they would do this.

I do think I made the right choice and I believe the antara deserves more credit than it gets.
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Welcome. I also researched plenty too. The Antara does have the wow factor, we looked at all the others but still went with the Vauxhall. Had a SE NAV manual for nearly 4 weeks now & it's fantastic, love it!!
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welcome Baza55 to antara forum ive been on the eadge but these talk me round
Hi Baza55 and welcome to the forums.

.....trip computer and mpg info. Sure I can switch back on and will
Which Antara have you got?
I would be interested to know how this is done as I don't have a computer on mine.
( Diamond 2.2 163 bhp )

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It's done by reprogramming the infotainment menu via opcom or the likes . 2 minute job for someone with the right software. Local Indy will no doubt do it for some beer money.
hi could you run me through how you get the trip computer onto the antara as I have just purchased a 12 plate which was advertised as being sold with one on there. when I have looked it doesn't. garage I bought from are looking to retro fit one for me but are struggling to find one to install other than a stand alone one which I definitely will not be accepting. just hoping I can point them in the right direction
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