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Hi to everyone I used this site before buying my antara. I picked up the car yesterday a new fwd diamond. The dealers fitted mudflaps,car mats and also had them fit cruise control very happy with the car. After reading comments on mpg it will be interesting to see what the car actually achieves. The comments on here helped me to get the dealer to fit the cruise control.I would like to get the mpg display working any advice gratefully received. Thank you in advance
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Hello and welcome from Scotland
Welcome to the club, there are a few threads about getting the BC activated.
Hi I have been reading a few comments about getting the BC activated I will contact the dealer to see what they say. whilst I am on I have checked through the handbook it says running in period but I cannot find any details how many miles or is related to not going over a certain number of revs any ideas?
I have had a lot of new diesel and fine the fist 1000 miles is important . Don't over rev but do not let the revs drop to low.
The engine is normally cutting in and can burn oil so keep a eye on it. This oil burning can cause more dpf regens so don't worry if you find this to start with.
You might find it takes longer to get to max mpg this could take up to 5000 or more
Good luck with the new car
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