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Hello everyone

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Hi, I've just ordered a 2014 Antara from my local dealer,due in Feb 2014 so now it's a waiting game. I am a caravanner of long experience and am hoping the new car will be a good tow car. I live in the Channel Isles and store my caravan in Brittany France. I have already been told of the need to order a spare wheel and jack by the dealer and he has organised this,he has also explained about the DPF and I don't see this as a problem as all my journeys will be long distance and towing as I understand it this seems to solve this issue.I have been towing for the last seven years with an ML Mercedes V6 3 litre diesel a good tow car but now a bit long in the tooth, before that with several Isuzu troopers again good tow cars, but no longer made.So far we have visited Italy, Southern France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Norway and of course the UK, I am also a member of both caravan club and camping and caravan club. That's my story so far so if there is anything you all think I should know, please tell me.
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Hi Mike,
Welcome to the forum.

All I can add is check out the spare wheel issue and the towbar wiring, otherwise it's all on here. Mine took months to arrive, and it was almost impossible to find a local dealer with one in stock to look at. I would have thought that by now the supply problem would have eased.

Be patient it will arrive eventually and it tows like a dream.
Hi Mike welcome to the forum.

Long distance driving in Guernsey how do you manage that
. You might struggle to find open road to give it a blast lol. I'm sure it won't be a problem and you will love your Antara.

I love the Channel Islands we have been to Jersey a few times but only been to Guernsey once.
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Hello and welcome from sunny scotland
Thanks for the welcome will put in more after delivery of my new Antara
Hi everyone as I have only just joined this club,i have had three Fronteras,a Suzuki Grand Vitara and three X Trails and bought my Antara about three months ago and towed a few times with it now and I find its the best tow car I have had so far.
Hi Antara owners everywhere! I've just joined and hope to share many experiences (and niggles) with you.I have an Antara AWD Auto 163ps in Daydream Beige - yes, I'm one of the few who hasn't got either white or silver!! I p/x'd my 10 plate Hyundai Santa Fe (which I must admit I still miss in terms of it's power, roomy boot & interior AND full size alloy spare wheel!) As a senior citizen I don't do a big mileage these days although I know I must be prepared for a quick blast up the motorway every now and then to clear the dpf regen. I'm currently in the process of obtaining a new 215/70 R16 tyre on a steel rim to put in the boot so that I can feel more confident and not having to rely on the tyre compressor and can of goo.I very much like the look of the Antara and think it is well specc'd for the price. One point worth mentioning is that my local Vauxhall dealer told me that they will attempt to rectify any annoying rattles & squeaks for up to 12 months from date of registration only. Thank you.Dave7
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Hi and welcome to the forum from wet damp scotland
Hi Dave,do you know the size of the steel rim,Chris.
The steel rim is: 16 inch 5 x 115 x 70 ET:46.00 Supplier is: Mytyres ( tyre I am getting is Goodride SU307 215/70 R16 and is supplied fitted to steel rim for £107.30 plus £9.90 delivery.
Threads on Vauxhall Owners Club say it will fit in boot no problem (once you remove the central foam platform using a torx bit). Plenty of scissor jacks on ebay from around £14 delivered. Hope this helps. David
Thanks. So its not just wet damp and miserable here in Nottinghamshire then.
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Ok and thanks for that,i will get one asap,allready had a puncture and called Green Flag out,
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