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Hello and should I buy?

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Hello everyone, I'm thinking about getting an Antara, its a 2008 (58) 2ltr d. its between the Antara and a 2007 Rav4.
so, is the Antara a good 4x4 ?

thanks for any feedback.
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hi i brought mine about 2 months ago 2009 2lt diesel se model i like the car very much have'nt off road so don't know about the 4 wheel drive only what you read about but its not a off roader vehicle but should get you out of trouble under mud and snow condictions the only fault i found is that fuel consumption was poor but i hadthe ecu unitremapped from 150 to 180 bhp made a good differance to a smoother drive better fuel there are good and bad reports on this motors but touch wood i'm very pleased with mine they say 2.2 one is better but if you like me and only have limited funds have a look at one have a good test drive make sure its got full service history hope you find a nice motor
Thanks Brian for the advice. It's got FSH and it's nice. I'm going for another test drive tomorrow.
The only thing is that the interior is the same as my Astra :)
thats the trouble with vauxhalls i had a vectra that looked the same inside as well, but better then most cars inside

thanks, well I've put a deposit on the Antara :)
now to buy some side-bars and maybe a Chip.

Well done hope you have lots of plesure out of it,
I had mine remapped cost £200.00 brought a bee string arial and had the windows and lights tinted. I'm after someside runner boards and mud flaps but its got to have a towbar fitted frist so I can tow the old caravan

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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