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Hello all

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<DIV =msg>Hello to everyone, just purchased my first Antara despite all the bad press they seem to attract so hopefully all goes well.

It's a 2011 CDTi Exclusiv 4x4 in Snowflake White and looks stunning.

I also have a couple of classic Vauxhalls, a PA Cresta and a Vauxhall Viva.

Here's to some trouble free motoring.............
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Welcome to the forum. Learned to drive in a VivaHA and my first car was aPA Cresta.
Hi and welcome to the forum! Im not concerned about 'bad press' as I prefer to make my own mind up, Vauxhall generally get a lot of stick in the press but the way I see it, they are the 2nd biggest selling car brand in the UK so they must be doing something right! My last 4 cars were vauxhall, I had next to no problems with any of them, any problems that I did have were repaired much cheaper than if I had pretty much any other brand of vehicle
Happy Vauxhall owner
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Hello, don't get me wrong I am a Vauxhall man through and through and have owned Astras, Carltons, Senators, Omegas and Insignias and been delighted with them all, however the Antara seems to get only abysmal revues (hopefully undeserved). I have not seen one independent test where it gets even half marks.
So far I have to say I love the car and have just driven it from Fife to Norwich without any problems but I am concerned about this regen issue and have posted this in the technical section.Edited by: vauxhallbitz
Evening bud, check-out the "what car" post on the main forum board.some interesting reading...

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Thanks for that, it is interesting to hear other unbiased opinions.
Hi and welcome.
Just back from a trip to Norwich, very happy with the Antara, good fuel consumption, great to drive and handles very well.

I was a bit concerned trading in my Insignia but so far I am more than happy.

Had to do my first regen, I think, on the way home, so hopefully everything is OK........
Hi and welcome, I have had my DPF light on twice I have a 2013 SENAV 184 auto and have done around 13900 miles all I do is slip it into manual 3rd and 4th gear revs over 2500 and off I go for ten fifteen min down the M8 off a the next cut off then back down the home and it does it's thing, I have no worries as it does what it's supposed to do, so stop worrying and enjoy the drive
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