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heavy juddering/vibration

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Can anyone help? When driving at 30-35 mph I get a juddering/vibration sometimes hardly feel it most of time very strong and feel it through seats and arm rest. Dealer checked car and changed suspension I think! But has not fixed problem. They now tell me it because front tyres are brand new with full tread and rear tyres are half tread so therefore it has something to do with torque or something. Can anyone tell me if this is true or not as I'm back to dealer tomorrow. Thanks
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Pop to local tyre fitters ask them to swap wheels front to back and see if it corrects, sounds highly unlikely though, is it 2 or 4 WD
Thanks Andrew berry, had thought of that but it's getting time lol. It's 2008 2.0 cdti 4wd
Might just tell dealer I've had new tyres put on rear to test and still judders
I had brand new tyres on the front of my 2008 Antara 4WD and old tyres on the back without any issue. I hope you get it resolved.
Thanks andy, so do I :) think it was front diffs they changed before and checked everything else saying it was ok. Don't really want to fork out £100 each or more for tyres and it ends up doing the same
Hi Karl I have the same problem with my 2008 mine happens at 30kmh and literally a km over or under its gone, If you get any solution Id much appreciate if you would share and ill do the same.
According to dealer it has something to do with prop shaft if that means anything. They told me it won do any damage and there is nothing they can do about it. But if anything happens after warranty they will sort it as it's been reported and logged several times
Will they not replace it for you?? Had a feeling it was something along them line but there is no real way of checking it that i know of to be 100% sure
I would push for it to be replaced, if it's the prop shaft it can only be 2 things, the centre bearing is worn allowing play or the balance of the shaft is out, it can only cause more problems in the future if it vibrates as much as you say, if it's under warranty they need to sort it as it's a fault, test drive a new one and ask them why that doesn't do the same if they argue..
Ive checked mine over countless times and nothing and I mean nothing is anyway faulty so by process of elimination Ive put it down to the propshaft, However after getting a price of 1600 for a new shaft. Id really like to be more confident it is the propshaft.
That's why the dealers telling me nothing they can do if that's the price!!! But they did tell me if it goes completely wrong after warranty runs out they will still fix it as it been logged
Think it was centre bearing or something. But I will be 9 at them more and more before my warranty runs out
Id want that in writing tbh mate, I work for Renault and if a problem wasn't sorted within warranty very unlikely to be done after, Very odd times a goodwill agreement can be done but that would still see you paying a percentage. I cant understand why a dealer would worry about ordering parts on a jeep under manufacturing warranty.
I see it clear cut, the car has a fault, if it has a warrenty it's not for you to worry about how much parts and labour cost, if they can't diagnose a fault it's their problem that's why you take the car to them, so if they have to start at one end and change every single bit till they reach the other then tell them to crack on.
I agree pbrez, if you rear diff or gear box fall out later on because of this vibration issue the chances of getting any repairs will be near nil, you will get every reason under the sun to make it a different problem, also let's say worst case something catastrophic fails when your hurtling down the motorway...

Fault = Warranty = Repair...
Agreed its like this I would be so happy if i had the luxury of warranty and the deed of solving this was on someone else, I've been on the opposite side of dealing with warranty too and you'd be amazed what dealers tell staff to do to avoid warranty claims, because improper diagnosis or ordering parts until you find the one that fixes the problem often backfires making the garage liable for the entire claim, saying that going in and saying you want to be given a courtesy car until your car is fixed often gets the ball rolling failing that get on to Opel Uk and plead your case.
One option would be to go to an independent garage to diagnose the issue. Then go back to the main dealer for a resolution. If the dealer wont agree the repair, you can go to "motorcodes" who will fight on your behalf.
This is a problem we have suffered on a 2008 2l diesel that we recently bought. The handbrake has been sticking on so I stopped using it and left it in gear when parked, until I could get it back to the garage. It stopped vibrating when the handbrake wasn't used. The garage has now put on new handbrake cables, so we are going to see how it goes and to keep him informed.
There may be some truth in that. My Antara is 2WD,so I cant comment, but I do know some other 4WD cars have that issue. I believe the solution is to rotate your wheels regularly, although not grate.
I had a droning / vibration on my Antara 4x4 when accelerating in 6th between 60 & 70 mph. Problem was the rear diff which had to be replaced within the 3mth warranty, cost was £3,000.
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