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Have I done a regen?

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Hi all , had my antara 4wd 63 plate a couple of months now and loving it. I have just under a 1000 miles on the clock now and I noticed my mpg clock was going all over the place on the motorway My mpg prior to this was avg 37 mpg it's now dropped to 32mpg if I had not noticed this I would be none the wiser so my question is have I had my first regan?
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It sounds like it. The MPG will drop for a short while as the engine dumps extra diesel into the exhaust to burn off the soot etc. to clean the particulate filter. This is normal for a car fitted with a DPF. Don't get too hung up about it and let it spoil your enjoyment of your car. It may seem frightening at first, but I have posted calculations on here in the past and the extra cost to you in reality is pence rather than pounds to do the PDF clean every few hundred miles.

I know it is difficult, but if you turn the computer to another setting than MPG, you will enjoy the car much more.
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