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Well fellow owners picked up my white antara ha and we are very happy. Things i like very solid comfortable and feels very safe. Loads of room for my family easy to drive love the gadgets and i am nearly used to the electronic parking system. Happy with start/ stop system as previous car had this so like for like really. Fuel we will wait and see how long the full at the moment tank lasts! I have set myself expectations that it will like a drink it is a 4x4 at the end of the day so im happy to go with it ha but so far happy happy happy lets hope it continues i have lots of positive comments they are lookers though. Happy ha
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Glad your happy I am still with my White Antara SENAV auto I do not think I would like the start stop thingy I think it would drive me nuts.
Anyway happy driving
Happy days....,.It does at first because it just cuts out when you come to a stop and go in neutral but when you know how to control it you feel more comfortable with it its just getting used to it i hated it a first but had a few years to get used to it ha.
Hi Rag2008 and welcome to the forums.

I have a 2013 163 bhp manual and I am very happy with it.
Tows like a dream and I get 27 mpg when doing so.

I don't mind the Stop/Start ( it can be switched off ) I just think of the fuel I am saving when sat in a queue on the M6 car park
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Glad you like your Antara. Keep us posted on how you get on over the next few weeks
Welcome to the forum.
I am pleased to see another happy owner - like myself
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