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Guess what I just seen

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I was just watching last nights suspects police drama about 5 min ago and one of the suspects had a white Antara LO62 OHF 4x4 but not a SENAV it had white handles a wee bite of advertising
can't be that bad
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Hi Phil it's not bad it's on Channel 5 it's a cop drama I watch it because of Damien Molony who played Hal in "being human" plus Fay Ripley is also in it and a white Antara, give it a watch, I also like Inspector George Gently, and Riper Street. How's the car ?
dunno yet, I 'hope' to get it on Thursday. I will keep you posted!

Just watched 'Suspects', its not bad, not a classic, but worth a watch!
Have you not driven bye the garage for a sneaky peek lol
The serious is strangely interesting the first time I was not sure but now can't wait to the next one lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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